Eliminate Your Administrative Burden.

Advantage Pacific is one of a select few providers in Canada that offers administrative services to companies of all sizes with an employee benefits plan for free. Our Premium Administrative Services Package will completely remove the administrative burden of providing a group benefits plan for companies large and small, in any industry. Our business is doing the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on what matters, running your business.

Focus on your Business

You have a business to run and shouldn't have to worry about the administration of your group benefits plans. We decided to offer this service to our employee benefits partners after hearing how they were spending hours administering their plans taking them away from running their businesses.

Why Benefits Administration

Our fully integrated, cost-effective benefits administration is beneficial to every company as normally you would have to add/remove employees and process claims paperwork yourself, with our integrated administrative solutions you no longer have to worry about the administrative burden of providing a group benefit's plan for your employees, let us worry about that.

What is Included?

  1. New Member Enrollments – We will reach out directly to your new hires to collect the information we need to activate their benefits.
  2. Member Terminations – Every company has some employee turnover, we will remove the former employee from the plan and send them an offer to convert their benefits to a personal plan.
  3. Member Changes – Personal information will need to be updated periodically and after major life events such as the birth of a child, the
    purchase of a new primary residence, or a marriage etc. Advantage Pacific handles all member updates directly with the plan member.
  4. Disability Claims – These claims are complex, admin heavy and require the collection of several sets of documents to ensure the disability claim is processed by the insurance carrier without delay. We will ensure all the documents are sent where they are supposed to go and will follow up on their collection and submission for you.
  5. Claims Processing – We deal exclusively with insurance carriers that offer direct billing for medical care providers making claims easy for all members. In the event a claim is incorrectly declined we work with the plan member to resubmit the claim so they can be reimbursed quickly.
  6. Beneficiary Changes – We will ensure your members have access to an advisor who can help explain the different types of beneficiary designations, and be their for the plan member to help them make the change.
  7. Member Files – We will maintain all the member files related to the plan so you don’t have to keep cabinets full of paperwork.
  8. General Questions – Our advisors are available directly to each plan member so when questions or concerns come up they can speak directly to us. This will always be a real person, we never use automated answering services.

Digital Administration

We work exclusively with companies that offer digital enrollment options. We will contact your employees directly to get all the required digital paperwork to ensure every members benefits are set up quickly. We can also do most plan changes like adding a dependent’s or changing a beneficiary with employees directly using DocuSign. If a plan member is not comfortable with digital documents, we have options will all our carriers to fill our paper forms.

Our Fee Structure

Transparency has always been and will always be very important to us. In the spirit of transparency, we are happy to publicly disclose our fee structure for benefits administration. When your plan is placed with one of our preferred providers,Blue Cross, Manulife, Sun Life, and Canada Life, there will be no extra administration fee. When placed with another benefits company we may need to charge a small fee (normally around 1% to 2% extra) depending on how easy their administration system is to operate. This fee is on top of the normal fee we charge to manage your plan on an annual basis and will be disclosed before you sign any documents.

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