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Why Life Insurance

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Buying Life, Critical Illness, and Disability Insurance is how you ensure a financially secure and stable future for your family and those you care about if you pass away unexpectedly, are diagnosed with a Critical Illness, or are disabled and unable to work. Loss of income can be devastating to a family, especially when there are not enough investment assets to keep them afloat with the loss of an entire person’s income. Insurance provides financial security, piece of mind, and can even work as an investment or retirement strategy if funded properly over many years.

The insurance benefit paid from a Life Insurance or Critical Illness policy is typically a tax-free lump sum, paid to the listed beneficiaries, where the payments from a disability policy are made monthly for a period of time, typically, two to five years, or until you are sixty-five. Buying insurance is a risk transfer strategy, where you take the financial burden of your death/illness/disability such as lost wages, child care, mortgage and car payments, off the shoulders of you and your family, and transfer it to the shoulders of an insurance company.

Frequently, we hear people say that insurance is hard to get, or they don’t want to participate in lengthy medical tests. Well, we have great news for you; most of the companies we partner with who provide life insurance have a quick issue product that can be completed from application to issue in 60 minutes or less, over the phone/zoom, while you relax in your living room. If you are in good health, we also have access to quick issue Critical Illness Products and expedited underwriting for Disability Policies.

For those with existing medical conditions, we have a range of guaranteed issue products available that will give you the piece of mind you need to live your life to the fullest without worrying about who will take care of your family if you experience an unexpected life event.

We have built our business around doing as much of the heavy lifting as possible so you can enjoy more free time doing the things you love.

Ask today for an easy, no fee no obligation quote from one of our expert advisors!

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Advantage Pacific Benefits Consultants specialize in setting up and managing high quality, cost effective, sustainable Group Benefits Plans and Group RRSPs for businesses of all sizes in all sectors.

We also provide administrative services to all our clients at no extra cost, these services include processing new member enrollments, member terminations, beneficiary designations, maintaining all member files, and being available to all plan members to answer questions and help with claims submissions.

We also have internal insurance experts and strategic partnerships with independent portfolio managers to meet any person or businesses need for Investments, Life/Critical Illness/Disability, or Business Overhead Insurance.


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