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Employees are constantly on the lookout for better opportunities, with a group RRSP you demonstrate why your business is better than the rest in your industry.

Group investment plans (especially when coupled with a group benefits plan) help increase employee retention, maintain and improve productivity, attract and retain key talent for your business, and help prepare your employees for a comfortable and financially stable future with your company.

These plans are easy to set up, have a large fund line up, are low cost to you and employees, and when managed by Advantage Pacific, they benefit from our active management program. This program includes one on one meetings anytime the employee wants to talk about their investments, no fee fund switches (rebalancing), semi annual updates in which we will attach a digital copy of their statement and review how their account has performed, outline and explain any changes we are recommending, and provide a general market update.

Why a group RRSP

  1. Better Fees – Think of a Group RRSP as a common investment, shared between you and your employees. Everyone gets to pick their own investment funds, but everyone benefits from pooling their money together so your advisor can negotiate lower fees for you.
  2. Tax Savings – Like contributing to a personal RRSP any contributions to a Group RRSP earn the contributor a tax deduction, and the money invested grows on a tax deferred basis until it is withdrawn from the RRSP. Employees who sign up for payroll deduction benefit from immediate tax savings.
  3. Contribution Match – A Group RRSP is at its most valuable to employees when an employer matches their contributions. We normally recommend an employer match any contribution an employee makes to a maximum of 3% to 5% of their total pay.
  4. A Proven Saving Method – When employees sign up for automatic payroll deduction it makes it easier to save as many people are not disciplined enough to save on their own. This contributes positively to the overall mental and physical health of any company’s workforce as employees will spend less time worrying about their retirement.
  5. RRSP Consolidation – Many people will have RRSP accounts at multiple institutions and feel like it can be difficult to track and manage multiple accounts. Advantage Pacific offers no fee portfolio reviews where we will help plan members transfer their outside RRSP accounts into he group RRSP so all their investments can be I one place, being charges lower fees, with great plan mangers.
  6. Liquidity – We always recommend that a Group RRSP be set up with no withdrawal or liquidity restrictions. This means an employee can move the money between the available funds freely and they can withdraw money from the plan anytime they need it. Setting a plan up this way also lets the employee use the Group RRSP to access the first-time home buyers grant which has incredible value to employees, especially if your company employ’s lots of young people who have not owned a home in the past.
  7. Plan Administration – Setting up a Group RRSP requires little ongoing effort on the side of the sponsoring company but there are typically minimum participation and contribution requirements. Most investment companies will require two employees and a minimum contribution commitment of $10,000 annually before they will set up a plan for you.

Services Offered

Many financial services companies look at group investment plans as “set it and forget it”, but we think people lose out on incredible value when any investment is looked at this way. When your plan is managed by Advantage Pacific, we regularly look at the fund options the employees of your plan have picked and will make recommendations to them of how they can rebalance their portfolio to better fit their risk tolerance, other investing preferences and how they could change their fund line up to earn a better rate of return.

All the plans we set up are customizable by your employees, meaning they get to pick their own fund options. We prefer this as each employee is going to have a different risk tolerance and different investment preferences. As often as your employees would like we will meet with them in person, on the phone, or though Zoom to review and reassess their risk tolerance to ensure they are invested correctly. All of this is no cost to the employee and is covered by the commission the fund company pays to us when you set up your plan.


Transparency is important to us and we are always happy to disclose our fees publicly. Our fees for managing a group investment plan typically range from .10% to 1.5% per year, depending on total assets within the plan, annual contributions, and the number of employees regularly contributing.

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